Vandalism delays Robertson Street works

Vandals: Damaged kerbing showing a bootprint and gouges taken off the edge.

Vandals: Damaged kerbing showing a bootprint and gouges taken off the edge.

Vandalism has caused delays and up to $20,000 extra cost in the major upgrade of kerbing in Naracoorte's CBD.

A 60m length of completed kerbing on Robertson Street had to be lifted and re-poured this week after vandals caused irreparable damage.

The kerbing had been freshly poured on Wednesday and workmen left the site in the early evening. A short time later, before the kerbing had cured, someone walked along its length leaving prints and taking gouges from the edge.

Naracoorte Lucindale Council CEO Trevor Smart said the entire 60m section had to be lifted and re-poured, causing unwanted delays and extra cost.

Motorists and pedestrians are currently being inconvenienced by the works, with limited parking and pedestrian access, and delays due to the vandalism are not welcome.

As director of operations Steve Bourne said in a report to the council, "this has delayed the project and further restricted property access".

Mr Smart added: "The vandalism has impacted on council but also businesses in the area and residents."

The kerbing is part of a major $900,000 upgrade of Robertson Street which will take up to a month to complete.

Mr Smart said the project stage was to reinstate and improve road surface, kerbing, and improve footpaths following past stages that included undergrounding of electricity infrastructure.

As well as a delay, the damage is expected to add a $20,000 cost to the project's budget.

The kerbing works and paving will continue for several weeks, but inconvenience to motorists and pedestrians will reduce once the kerbing is complete.