Engines revving on Apsley dirt circuit

The Apsley and District Motorsport Club held its second meeting of the season on November 24.

A run of warmer weather leading into the meeting delivered some loose and dusty areas on the track providing some interesting moments mixed in with some great competitive racing.

"Testing" of the new tyre wall continued with cars into both ends and even one into the middle, but no damage done. Trevor continued his role of quality control and took any opportunity to be in, on or through the wall looking for any weaknesses.

Tyre punctures caused two competitors to finish their races at a very leisurely pace, but no further damage was suffered.

Young driver Jayden Garner is going well, holding his own with the other drivers.

The next meeting is scheduled for this Sunday, weather permitting, at the old Apsley Racecourse.

Results for November 24:

A Grade:

1st - Thomas Garner

2nd - Sam Kealy

3rd - Joe Garner

B Grade:

1st - Len Holmes

Equal 2nd - Trevor Bull, Robert Reschke

3rd - Cindy Bone

C Grade:

1st - Alex Szejnoga

Equal 2nd - Andrea Polderman, Preston North,

3rd - Jayden Garner

SA/Vic challenge:

1st - SA

2nd - Vic

3rd - Vic

4th - SA

10 Lap all in:

1st - Thomas Garner

2nd - Robert Reschke

3rd - Cindy Bone