Sunrise principal reflects on 2019

PRINCIPAL: Joel Munro wraps up first year at Sunrise Christian School.
PRINCIPAL: Joel Munro wraps up first year at Sunrise Christian School.

Sunrise Christian School's Joel Munro is wrapping up his first year as principal, and took some time to discuss his future plans for the school.

"Prior to here, I was assistant principal at another school and head of middle school leading into this job," Mr Munro told the Herald.

"I started my teaching in Naracoorte straight out of college, taught in Naracoorte for three years then moved back to Adelaide for the last 12 years. I always liked Naracoorte, I love the country atmosphere."

Mr Munro said being principal is "a huge difference" compared to his previous positions, but he jumped into the role with gusto.

"Running a school, leading a school - there's so many facets to think about. You have to be part of the community so much. I think schools should be connected to the wider community ... so I find it fantastic."

Coming into this role, Mr Munro said he wanted to establish himself and build relationships before putting his stamp on things.

"You don't want to come in and change everything all at once. I think it's really important that you listen first before making big changes. You take on feedback and you make an effort to talk to people.

"I think If you can build relationships first then it makes it easier to introduce change or have a look at how we might do things differently."

Mr Munro said a highlight from the year has been how students have performed in different leadership roles.

"It's just astounded me to see how well the students respond to the challenges of leadership."

With one year completed, Mr Munro has four years remaining of his contract and is excited to see a range of changes take shape in 2020.

"We're looking at expanding curriculum areas ... increasing STEM opportunities for our kids as well. I'll personally do that next year; run the digital tech side of things.

"I'm looking forward to getting my hand back into teaching as well."

The school will look at expanding its facilities and build a hands-on work shed for students to put their craftsman skills to use.

"I want that to be what we call project-based learning . It's something that isn't just building a table but links into other areas.

"We've got council approval for the shed so it's just the task of finding the right contractors."

Mr Munro said they've also put in a chicken coop and have purchased a couple of green houses and new garden beds so students can use school-grown produce for their home economics class.

With only a short period left for the school year, Mr Munro is looking forward to welcoming the students back in 2020 after their well earned break.