Charles cycles his way to win gold

GOLD: Former Naracoorte man Charles Brice takes home gold. Photo: Supplied

GOLD: Former Naracoorte man Charles Brice takes home gold. Photo: Supplied

Former Naracoorte man Charles Brice has proved himself once again, taking home gold in his first national championship cycling event.

The Road National Championship Time Trial was held on Wednesday, and the cycling star on the rise said this was the "toughest course" he's ever faced.

"It went really well. I went into the event not really knowing what to expect - it was a track I'd never ridden before," Charles told the Herald.

"I knew that there was some quite steep hills to tackle. That was probably the toughest ... course I've ever ridden on."

Charles became a quadriplegic in a motorcycle accident at Paruna in 2010, but this hasn't stopped him from riding his handcycle to greatness.

The Ballarat event is a grueling and competitive five-day program which includes time trials and road races.

"I got through it in a reasonably good time without so many dramas."

Charles' golden time was two hours, two minutes and 12 seconds, and he said despite being the only person competing in his class, it was still a challenge to be awarded gold.

"There are all different classifications depending on everyone's ability. I'm in a class called H1.

"There aren't too many people riding in Australia in H1 but to be able to still receive a medal, you have to record a best certain time as well."

Wednesday was a scorcher of a day, and although weather conditions are slightly cooler in Ballarat than the South East, Charles didn't have that advantage of a cool breeze as he rode.

"I guess with me, I am not able to regulate my temperature or sweat, so that is an added challenge.

"This was my first national championship, so to come away with the win is pretty pleasing."

Charles said he competes in any competition he can but there isn't a whole lot on offer for para-cyclists.

Despite still recovering from his grueling meet on Wednesday, Charles is determined to get back on the track this weekend for another competition.

He told the Herald he isn't expecting a great deal from tomorrow's event, but there's no harm in giving it a crack.

"I guess because I'm so new ... I'm going in there with a pretty open mind.

"I have a very competitive instinct. I'll also be going out there to give it my best and hopefully come away with another gold medal and national jersey."

Charles will also be competing in the 22nd Santos Tour Down Under in Adelaide on January 19.

"It's all been bloody tough ... but rewarding if I come away with a win."