Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten farewells little ones

End of year concert
End of year concert

With the school year nearly beginning, some students will be returning to a familiar environment, but some will be venturing to school for the very first time.

These students include children at the Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten, who are excited for their new chapter, but will miss their time at kindy.

The Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten 2019 end of year concert and Kindergarten Graduation saw hundreds of family, friends and extended family roll into the Kindy grounds on Price Avenue.

It began with a picnic tea followed by Hilary Schinckel and Laurence Moffatt with the Welcome to Country.

The children spent long hours preparing for the concerts which saw them dance and sing their hearts out.

The audience was treated to a mix of The Lion King, Dr. Knicker Bocker, High Hopes, Git up and the students finished with We wish you are Merry Christmas.

All children rotated to the front of stage for their time to shine for one song.

Then came the graduation ceremony.

All the kindergarten children graduated, ready to commence school this year.

They were each presented with the Certificate of Graduation and their Memory Book, which is a collation of their growth and development throughout 2019, by Chantelle Weckert and Geraldine Mathieson.

And like all good end of year shows, every child and their siblings received a surprise from Father Christmas.

The Michelle DeGaris Memorial Kindergarten is dedicated to providing each child with a memorable experience and lead them into school with every opportunity. To learn more about what the kindergarten has to offer, visit www.preschools.sa.gov.au.