Bids flow in for quality cattle

Naracoorte Regional Livestock Exchange Stock Report
Naracoorte Regional Livestock Exchange Stock Report


Agents yarded the slightly larger number of 909 head of live weight and open auction cattle.

These sold to another large field of trade and processor buyers who all were active on a good quality offering.

Feeders provided extra competition this week as they competed to take a larger portion of those on offer as the market sold to dearer rates with increases of 10c to 20c/kg common across the board with more in select places.

Vealer numbers rose this week as the steers made from 276c to 315c and heifers sold from 254c to 288c, with the trade and feeders competing for supply.

Yearling steers to the trade sold from 265c to a high of 300c as similar heifers made from 205c to 292c/kg.

Feeders competed strongly here as they sourced steers from 222c to 298c and heifers from 233c to 269c/kg.

Restockers only took home a small number this week as they operated on steers from 269c to 286c and on heifers from 205c to 225c/kg.

Grown steers and bullocks dropped away in numbers but not in quality as they sold from 250c to 293c as grown heifers made from 235c to 273c and manufacturing steers returned from 230c to 247c/kg.

Good competition was witnessed in the cow section as the heavy types sold from 220c to a high of 252c, as the lighter pens made from 135c to 222c and a small offering of bulls sold from 238c to 254c/kg.

Sheep and lambs

Agents yarded the smaller number of 3673 lambs and 967 sheep to total 4640 head overall.

These sold to the usual array of trade and processor buyers with a number of active restockers also operating across the market.

Quality continues to be mixed with the bulk of the offering now being shorn as some good competition came from the buying group as both the lambs and sheep sold to improved rates.

Light weight lambs to the trade ranged from $81 to $142 with the light weight trade 2 and 3 score selection ranging from $119 to $145/head.

Restockers were very active as they sourced lambs from $87 to $150/head to grow on.

Trade weight 3 score lambs ranged from $152 to $169 to average around the 750c/kg cwt area with a lift in price of $5 to $8/head.

Heavy lambs returned vendors from $168 to $209 with the extra heavy selection ranging from $202 to $240/head.

Hoggets ranged from $115 to $172 with light ewes ranging from $108 to $124 as the medium weights returned from $135 to $180/head.

Heavy ewes ranged from $165 to a market high of $199 as wethers ranged from $180 to $200 and rams sold to $97/head.