Letter to the editor: Workers' Accommodation

NARACOORTE: Workers' Accommodation letter to the editor.
NARACOORTE: Workers' Accommodation letter to the editor.

In the local leadership vacuum prevailing alongside the Naracoorte community's rejection of the proposed itinerant workers' camp at the town's former TAFE site, the silence from Teys/Cargill has been both surprising and disappointing.

The Teys/Cargill beef plant has a massive presence in the Naracoorte region in terms of its positive economic and philanthropic footprint.

As such, it is incumbent on the Queensland/American company to demonstrate transparency and accountability by participating publicly in the local discussion about abattoir worker accommodation.

The company has the greatest single interest in well-planned and sustainable long-term residential capacity in and around Naracoorte and, as such, the company should be playing a more visible leadership role in finding acceptable solutions.

The Teys family has built a truly proud legacy in Australia's beef industry and, as chief executive officer Brad Teys says on the company's website, "we operate our businesses within the Australian community".

We want Teys/Cargill to have a positive presence in our region for decades to come and for its workforce to have a sustainable presence in Naracoorte.

Tom and Katie Dawkins, Naracoorte