Aussie invention saving time and money during seeding

Aussie invention saving time and money during seeding

Story sponsored by BL Shipway.

They say necessity is the mother of invention and that was certainly the case for the latest innovation which is saving our farmers time and money.

Designed, tested and manufactured here in Australia, the FLEXFOLD and FLEXEND hose extensions help to prevent blockages as well as splits and cracks in the hoses of your seeding bar.

Both products are made from a specially designed, flexible, highly-durable moulded plastic and are used to replace sections of hose that are particularly vulnerable to wear and tear.

In other words, FLEXFOLD and FLEXEND are are designed to take the punishment your hoses are not, allowing them remain undamaged and functioning at full capacity throughout the seeding process.

FLEXFOLD is new to the market but it's already receiving rave reviews. It's easy to install and is used to replace the kinked or worn out sections of the primary supply hose on a seeding bar.

The product was specifically designed and developed due to the frustration of wearing out rubber and/or PVC hoses on the bends and the pivot points during seeding.

The folding and unfolding of the wings causes the hoses to kink, making it an immediate wear point that cannot be fixed.

FLEXFOLD is designed to keep the inside of the tube kink free and smooth when the wings are unfolded, allowing them to go back to their original shape, thus preventing blockages or obstructions.

FLEXFOLDS can also be used to join stainless steel tube and as a vibration reduction system, just like the popular FLEXEND.

Since it's release 12 months ago, FLEXEND has been embraced by a number of crop farmers to help extend the longevity and reliability of their hoses.

Like the FLEXFOLD, FLEXEND also protects against wear and tear. As all farmers know, the air seeder is subjected to a lot of vibration during seeding.

The spreader head or the boot typically bear the brunt of it but - as both of these are firmly fixed - the hoses take all of the impact, which causes them to crack and kink over time, especially in the sun.

This leads to blocked hoses and unseeded or unfertilised rows. This can result in lost seed or fertiliser, along with both time and money when you can afford it least.

The FLEXEND helps reduce the impact of these damaging vibration by serving as a flexible buffer between the vulnerable section of hose and the shakey air seeder.

This has been proven to reduce the chances of the hose blocking or being damaged. Additionally, the FLEXEND can be used as a joiner if there is a kink in a hose.

Both products are very quick and easy to install. It can be done in matter of minutes, right there in the paddock. They can also be easily stored in the cab of the seeder and come with fully stainless steel hose clamps.

BL Shipway is the exclusive distributor for the products in both South Australia and the Northern Territory. For more information contact your local BL Shipway Distributor or email:

Story sponsored by BL Shipway.

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