Residential aged care facilities implement new restrictions

Restrictions on entry into residential aged care facilities are now in place after a media statement from the South Australia Police outlining new guidelines.

"To reduce the spread of COVID-19 within South Australia, direction has been made to help reduce the risk to some of the more vulnerable people in our community", the statement read.

The new instructions provide rules regarding when and how often family or friends may visit an aged care facility to provide care and support to a resident.

Under these recommendations, an aged care resident who leaves the premises for non-medical related reasons is prohibited from re-entering.

Executive Office/Director of Care of Elizabeth Broadstock from Longridge Aged Centre in Naracoorte said they made the decision on Friday March 27 to cease visitation into the building, as well as residents exiting the facility.

"It was time to just reduce the risk and really provide that barrier, it's all about minimising risk of contact," Ms Broadstock said.

"Obviously it's a significant loss of freedom and liberty for the resident and their families, but we are investing a lot of time and effort into maintaining the communication with their families via Skype and phone-calls.

"We've increased our lifestyle hours so staff are able to spend a lot more time with them to prevent that loneliness and isolation," Ms Broadstock said.

SAFETY FIRST: Longridge Aged Care based in Naracoorte. Photo: supplied

SAFETY FIRST: Longridge Aged Care based in Naracoorte. Photo: supplied