Naracoorte Police praise community behaviour amid coronavirus restrictions

Photo: File
Photo: File

Naracoorte Police continue to praise its residents for playing a vital role in helping to keep the community safe as coronavirus restrictions unravel.

Yet officers urge residents to remain vigilant, especially as changes are enforced such as the state government scrapping the July 20 SA-Victorian border opening plans.

The announcement came (today) Tuesday following concerns of recent coronavirus outbreaks in Victoria.

The station's Senior Sergeant Ryan Meakin highlighted how his community had been responsible over the past few months, not only ensuring a healthy community, but enabling police to get on with their job.

"They were understanding of the restrictions put in place and very supportive of getting on board," Snr Sgt Meakin told Naracoorte Herald this week.

This meant rules put in place during the height of the pandemic - such as remaining at home and adhering to the recommended social distancing - were achieved.

In response, Naracoorte Police could focus on SA border compliance checks with support from Adelaide officers.

"The Naracoorte staffing has remained the same...we also received assistance from Adelaide, including the rest of the Limestone Coast LSA as well," he said.

Not immune to crime in his town, Snr Sgt Meakin said the community's actions led officers to also put their resources in the right areas to help detect and prevent unusual activity in a timely matter.

"There was certainly a decrease in traffic, not as many people on the highway or moving around town," he said.

However with restrictions easing, the Snr Sgt reminds road users that no matter the time of year, safety is "extremely important".

"Everyone needs to ensure they are paying attention on the roads to remain safe at all times."

Furthermore, his officers have been left humbled by residents' comments.

"We've certainly had some good words from the community of how we were spending lengthy times on the border. A big thanks from me and the remainder of our staff."

"I think it's now a matter of asking members of the community to remain patient as restrictions are there to ensure the safety and health of the community," he added.

Meanwhile, SA Police will stick to the roll out of their new electronic border system from Wednesday, July 1.

The online form will be launched as part of new measures to streamline processes and provide more certainty for cross border travellers before they reach the border.

People entering SA will be required to isolate for two weeks.

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