South East motorists to soon have access to real time fuel prices

Photo: File
Photo: File

South East motorists will soon have access to cheap fuel prices by the click of a button following recent legislation passed in state parliament which aims to disclose real price information.

The latest ruling requires South Australian petrol stations to reveal their fuel prices to a central database within an half an hour of them changing.

It follows lengthy lobbying by the Royal Automobile Association (RAA).

The state government now seeks a company to operate the database, following the findings from the SA Productivity Commission.

Importantly, the outcome is expected to support the thousands of motorists living in the South East who work to juggle the cost of living.

"Giving motorists the ability to easily find where the cheapest fuel is available will provide welcome relief for South Australians struggling to make ends meet," Attorney-General Vickie Chapman said.

She explained that the next phase is to tender out for a business to aggregate fuel pricing information for any app or website to access.

"This is the same scheme that is currently in place in Queensland, where motorists have been able to make informed choices and find the cheapest prices at any given time," Ms Chapman added.

The database is anticipated to begin from spring and will continue to update the public on when the information will be available for them to use.