The Informer: Slicing and dicing the nation bit by bit

Slicing and dicing the nation bit by bit

Never before have the tiny lines that divide us been quite so significant. Those tiny lines are the borders, of course.

The state and territory lines that we've all hopped over relentlessly for years with nary a second thought are now all-but (allegedly) unbreachable. We are virtually island states. Look, we've finally all caught up with you Tassie.

By the time Queensland refuses all entry to New South Welshies and the good people of the ACT late tonight, they will have virtually established the micronation that so many pollies have so long desired.

NSW finds itself metaphorically between a rock and a hard place, unable to go north or south without approved exemption. And if you actually live in a border community - and have become an unwittingly blase border-hopper - then that all came to screaming halt a few weeks back.

Tasmania's moat is doing it wonders - though fly-in, fly-out workers aren't so sure; and although Western Australia has retained its hard border policy it has won over all free-thinkers with mining magnate Clive Palmer kicked and screaming all the way to the Supreme Court. South Australia remains wary of Victorian and NSW travellers while the NT is a bit more casual, unless you're from a COVID hotspot.

Victoria recorded 450 new coronavirus cases today and 11 additional deaths, bringing the national toll to 266. NSW has recorded 11 new cases today, all locally acquired.

Meanwhile, modelling predicts US deaths from COVID-19 will reach nearly 300,000 by December 1, even with the assumption that many states may impose new stay-at-home orders as deaths climb.

Interestingly, the US State Department no longer says Americans should avoid all international travel due to the coronavirus pandemic. Thing is though, the list of countries welcoming people from the States is pretty slim right now.

So maybe the trick this weekend - not just for Americans but for us all - is to stay close to home and stay COVID-safe. Go on, see how it feels.

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