Naracoorte supports Backpacks 4 SA Kids in August

Backpacks: Selina Southern from newsXpress Naracoorte was one of the organisers of a fundraiser which supported the Backpacks 4 SA Kids foundation.
Backpacks: Selina Southern from newsXpress Naracoorte was one of the organisers of a fundraiser which supported the Backpacks 4 SA Kids foundation.

The Naracoorte community has shown its generous colours in the past month, displaying strong support for a fundraiser run by two local businesses.

The campaign was run through Backpacks 4 SA Kids and was a joint effort involving newsXpress Naracoorte and Ottoson Partners Real Estate which welcomed donations last month.

Gifts included essential items that organisers would place into backpacks before sending them to the foundation to distribute to foster families.

Selina Southern from newsXpress and her friend Sarah Ottoson-Crossling from Ottoson Real Estate developed the 20 bags in 20 days concept, encouraging people within the community to make donations as soon as they could, allowing Naracoorte to make a considerable contribution.

Their campaign wrapped up last Wednesday, with the pair finishing with 50 backpacks after the 20 days.

newsXpress kept the community updated throughout the month on what items they still required for the backpacks through its Facebook page.

The result exceeded both the organisers' expectations as they had a number of items left over, with a range of local businesses supporting the cause by donating various sizes of pyjamas and clothes.

Katie Brodie from Ormerod Pics and Pieces and Shannon Derrington from Limestone Surf were two of the first to get the ball rolling, both making valuable donations to the cause - Ms Brodie supplied pyjamas and Ms Derrington contributed some backpacks.

Cash donations were also handed in throughout the month - a total of $350 was raised by the end of the campaign, with organisers using this money by filling up the backpacks that were lacking in items.

The organisers sent special thanks to Joel Anderson, 12, who contributed $100 cash.

Ms Southern and Ms Ottoson-Crossling will travel to Adelaide in the upcoming school holidays to deliver the backpacks to the foundation, with Ms Southern emphasising how pleased the two were with the response they received from the community.

"The amount of people who supported the campaign was incredible," Ms Southern said. "I told the foundation that I thought I would reach 30 back packs - I think they will be overwhelmed that we have reached 50."

Organisers would like to thank the following local businesses for their support:

  • Ormerod Pic and Pieces
  • Limestone Surf
  • Tendercuts Butchers
  • Naracoorte Carpet Court
  • Naracoorte Betta Homeliving
  • Naracoorte Delights
  • K and S Seed Processors
  • Elders Insurance Note
  • Normans Carpets and Canopies
  • Maddies' Cafe
  • Smiles All Round
  • Selig's Hair Dressers
  • Carmel's Cuts and Collectables
  • Shearing World
  • Kingcraig TerryWhite Chemmart
  • Crossling Contractors

The foundation accepts donations year round and you can visit its website to order pyjamas to deliver to the Backpack 4 SA Kids depot if you want to give to the cause.