Lucindale Scouts returns after 12 months

Scouts is back: Lucindale Scouts will be returning soon, with the group holding its first meeting in 12 months at the local scouts site tomorrow night.
Scouts is back: Lucindale Scouts will be returning soon, with the group holding its first meeting in 12 months at the local scouts site tomorrow night.

Scouts is set to return in Lucindale for the first time in 12 months.

The Lucindale Scouts have been out of action for around a year due to COVID-19 social distancing restrictions, with the first meeting back taking place Tuesday night, October 20, at 6:30pm within the Scouts Hall in Lucindale on Centenary Avenue.

A sausage sizzle will be held beforehand at 5:30, giving new and old members the chance to casually catch up before the meeting - Lucindale Scouts ask that attendees contact the group beforehand for catering purposes (call Lucindale Scouts team leader Bradley Wilkin: 0478 225 326).

During the meeting, attendees will be discussing how the scouts can move forward, with a new program being introduced and new leaders joining in.

The weekly scouts sessions will be held in units and in various time slots, depending on what age and level the child attending is at.

Team Leader Bradley Wilkin spoke to the Herald about what the group will be discussing at the meeting.

"We have got a new program that the scouts are delivering," Mr Wilkin said.

"They will be discussing that and discussing how scouts interacts with the community."

The local team leader emphasised that the scouts will continue to run its camping trips in the near future.

"We have got plans in place to do all that ... it is all about what the kids want to do and making it work for them," Mr Wilkin continued.

"Once we have had the community meeting and we can get the community's support, we will then move onto talking to the children who want to get involved."

Children interested will have the opportunity to try Scouts out for three nights free of charge before signing up through a membership if they wish to continue with the program.

Ages range from 6-18 years old - the 5-7 year olds are labelled as 'Joeys,' 8-11 year olds are called 'Cubs', 11-14 are 'Scouts' and 15-18 are Venturer Scouts and finally, 18-25 are known as Rover Scouts.

Mr Wilkin explained what skills the youngest participants will be learning initially and the activities they will have the opportunity to partake in.

"At 5-7 years old, we are looking at them developing some very basic camping skills, some very basic knots and doing outdoor activities," he explained.

"A lot of it is based around outdoor activities now; bushwalking is one example - we are looking to help develop the kids as leaders for the community for the future."

The local team leader stressed that more volunteers are always welcome.

"The more volunteers involved the easier it will be," Mr Wilkin said.

"We work on a rough ratio of 1 to 6 but I am never going to say no to people coming and helping."

Any new adult volunteers/leaders will have to run through a police check and a working with children check, with these volunteers having the chance to help organise games and activities during the sessions.

Mr Wilkin explained how volunteers can become further involved, with training sessions being delivered in person and online.

"Also, if there was a tradesman carpenter, he could help the kids build billy carts for example," Mr Wilkin explained.

"With the training that we give them, they can apply to get VET qualifications as well ... "I did all my training through Scouts SA - they are a registered training organisation."

The local team leader finished by explaining how the Lucindale Scouts are hoping to mix with other scouts groups in the area.

"We have got scout groups from Bordertown all the way through to Mount Gambier ... we have what we call district activities we have days where everyone gets together and we have activities together ... with the new program it is all about self paced learning and ticking off all the requirements with the badges."