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Residential college living offers rich community experience

Residential college living offers rich community experience

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Heading off to university to begin your studies is a big and exciting moment in anyone's life. If that means you're also moving away from home to a new city it can be even more exciting, but it can also be overwhelming as you make decisions about where to live.

One option that can ease the stress and also provide lots of extra opportunities is choosing to live in a residential college.

Living in a college environment while you're studying for a degree provides a multitude of benefits beyond simply "a place to stay" within close range to your university.

Residential colleges, such as Adelaide's Lincoln College, are home to communities brimming with opportunities for students to enrich their lives beyond the scope of their academic pursuits, into their professional lives and beyond.

Building lifelong friendships

The chance to live among a community of fellow students who may share similar hobbies or ideals beyond the classroom creates ample opportunity to build new and lasting friendships. And with residents coming from all around Australia and many locations overseas, students can connect with an amazingly diverse mix of people they would otherwise have never met.

These friendships provide residents with companionship, study buddies, training partners and, after graduation, a strong support network to build their professional endeavours.

Residential college living offers rich community experience

Access to a global alumni network

Lincoln Residential College has more than 5,000 alumni hailing from more than 60 different countries in Lincoln's global alumni network. Regular social events give alumni the opportunity to keep in touch with staff and friends, while Lincoln's mentorship program partners current students with alumni for guidance and advice.

Everything you need in one location

Residents at Lincoln have 24 hour access to the facilities they need to study, exercise, socialise and maintain a healthy lifestyle. With everything located on site, students are not restricted to public opening hours, nor do they lose valuable time travelling between facilities they need.

Academic support

Access to unlimited Wi-Fi, internet, printing and onsite library means students can study around their social or sporting calendars at a time that best suits their schedule. Tutorials and academic support programs are also available to advance academic success.

Sport and fitness

In addition to a 24 hour gym, Lincoln College provides free group training sessions to residents to power up their fitness levels. There's also the opportunity to join a sports team and take part in inter-college competitions that include basketball, hockey, soccer, football, swimming and more.

Residential college living offers rich community experience

Social activities

The Lincoln calendar is filled with events from Welcome Week to Battle of the Bands. No matter what your interests are, there's bound to be someone who shares your passion and enthusiasm.

As part of the Lincoln community, students get to discover so much more than a safe place to call a home away from home. You'll become part of the Lincoln family, built upon a foundation of friendships, diversity, inclusion and support. If you're planning to study at an Adelaide university, explore all the benefits of living Lincoln Residential College. It could be the best decision you'll ever make.

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