Lucindale's Centenary Park projects picked

The Lucindale Masterplan Centenary Park Working Group is working hard implement the Centenary Park concepts in the Lucindale Masterplan
The Lucindale Masterplan Centenary Park Working Group is working hard implement the Centenary Park concepts in the Lucindale Masterplan

The Naracoorte Lucindale Council has endorsed a list of projects that the Lucindale Working group determined they would like to see in town.

The Lucindale Masterplan - Centenary Park Working Group has met several times over the past few months to help to move forward Lucindale Masterplan.

In a report tabled by CEO Trevor Smart at the November 24 local government meeting, it said the working group has three parts of the Implementation Plan to work through - Centenary Park infrastructure, wayfinding and main street design.

"The Working Group has assessed, and prioritized various projects and infrastructure for Centenary Park, based upon the concepts contained within the Masterplan," the report said.

The proposed projects and estimated budgets are-

  • Pump track (new) & skatepark (upgrade/renew) $150,000
  • Alt basketball ring, line mark and new seal to court $12,000
  • Playground - remove small rocker, spinner and replace with double rocker and toddler equipment $20,000
  • Provide four benches inside gazebo & lighting $6,000
  • Tree removal x6 $15,000
  • Remove picnic setting and replace with new adjacent/in playground $7,000
  • Relocate basketball shelter to pump track and clean up $6,000
  • Tiered seating adjacent basketball court $10,000
  • Concrete footpath between oval and gazebo $40,000
  • Concrete footpath between playground and existing path $20,000
  • Complete paving around playground $9,000
  • Exercise equipment $40,000
  • Tree planting along paths x20 $9,000
  • Irrigation modification $3,000
  • Water fountain $9,000
  • Provide x4 seats with backs and arms $8,000

Council allocated $90,000 for Centenary Park and $15,000 for Wayfinding Signage Phase 1 in the budget this financial year.

Council has also allocated $40,000 for Centenary Park Paving and $10,000 for Centenary Park Access Road as part of the Local Roads & Community Infrastructure Program.

The report said the council had been allocated a further $607,363 in Round 2 of the LRCI Program, but as the funding criteria is not yet available, they were unable to assess what projects can or can't be allocated funding.

"Opportunity may present to undertake some of the identified projects (as above) with some of this funding," Mr Smart said, in his report.

"Within the Lucindale Masterplan Implementation Plan, there is a recommended allocation providing for up to $600,000 of additional spend in the 21/22 budget (subject to Council budget considerations).

"The $90K allocated this financial year was initially earmarked for design, but instead we are undertaking the design elements through Council and the Working Group, and spending the funds on projects rather than planning/design.

"Additionally, we may also be able to take advantage of the contractor engaged in constructing the Naracoorte Market Square skatepark and pump track to undertake similar construction in Lucindale, subject to funding and contractor availability."

During the meeting, the councillors voted to endorse the Lucindale Masterplan Centenary Park Working Group project listing and priorities for Centenary Park and approved an approach to the Lucindale Lions Club to undertake Centenary Park paving projects as identified within annual budget and project listing, without the need to undertake tender or quotation processes as per Councils Procurement Policy, and if they accept this proposal, that Council Administration then engage the Lucindale Lions Club on such terms as agreed to by the Chief Executive Officer subject to budget constraints.

Mr Smart told the councillors at the meeting that it would be a good opportunity for the Lions Club, who were forced to cancel their main fundraiser, the SE Field Days.

"We have had preliminary discussions with them, they are keen to do the work and if it works out we can come to an arrangement," he said.

"It is our intention to treat them as contractors so there would be timelines and standards and things, so it will be like a normal project from council, but will give them an opportunity to fundraise."

To see the full report, visit the council's website.