GALLERY| Players enjoy local games of cricket

It was a competitive weekend of cricket in Naracoorte this week, with the Warriors taking on Lucindale at Worthley Oval and Kyby battling it out with Naracoorte at I.B Edwards.

The first innings of each match were played out on Saturday.


Warriors v Lucindale

1st innings Lucindale

9/166 (cc)

M McGurk 33 c A Fitzgerald b P Morton

S McGurk 21 b C Legoe

W Graetz 7 st L Bald b H Schroder

DJ Lane 13 c L Bald b P Morton

DJ Mcarthy 59 not out

H Tregoweth 2 c M Brown b A Fitzgerald

M Winslow 0 c L Bald b A Fitzgerald

B Voss 2 c A Fitzgerald b H Schroder

B Maloney 4 c L Walter b H Schroder

J Hazelman 2 run out

J Walker 5 not out

CM Taylor dnb

1st innings Warriors

8/157 (cc)

JE McClure 31 c S McGurk b DJ Lane

H Schroder 22 b S McGurk

C Legoe 7 lbw b M McGurk

M Brown 18 c W Graetz b S McGurk

L Bald 13 c H Tregoweth b S McGurk

P Schroder 19 b M McGurk

A Fitzgerald 25 not out

P Morton 0 c DJ Lane b M McGurk

R Brown 0 b DJ McCarthy

L Bald 1 not out

L Walter dnb

BW Redding dnb

Kyby v Naracoorte

1st innings Naracoorte

6/187 (cc)

M Smith 75 c B Davies b T Waters

MH Ali 0 lbw b T Lawerence

BR Foster 8 cL Bull b R Ham

W Walker 53 c P Werchiwski b T Waters

S Ali 0 b B Davies

M Collins 24 not out

J Bull 5 c D Farley b P Werchiwski

S Ali 3 not out

D Myall dnb

K Marshall dnb

S Henschke dnb

G Ali dnb

1st innings Kyby


L Curnow 21 c j bull b W Walker

B Davies 10 c BR Foster b S Henschke

P Werchiwski 4 c S Henschke b BR Foster

T Waters 19 b S Ali

D Farley 0 c ? b BR Foster

J Moyle 0 b M Collins

R Ham 0 c BR Foster b S Ali

L Bull 3 st M Smith b M Collins

T Lawrence 1 c & b K Marshall

AC Waters 0 not out

T Lydeamore 2 b S Ali