Men's racing event returns

PEDAL POWER: Naracoorte will play host to a stage of the Tour of the Great South Coast Road Cycling Classic. Picture: BRETT KENNEDY

PEDAL POWER: Naracoorte will play host to a stage of the Tour of the Great South Coast Road Cycling Classic. Picture: BRETT KENNEDY

Naracoorte will once again host a stage of Tour of the Great South Coast.

The annual mens cycling will take place in late August to early September and councillors voted unanimously at a local government meeting on January 19 to endorse the event.

Councillors voted that the council advises race organiser Caribou Publications and Events that Council supports a full day of racing in Naracoorte as part of the 2021 Tour of the Great South Coast Cycling Classic, includes this event in the 2021/22 Council Budget; and endorses an approach to the SA State Government and SA Tourism Commission seeking funding support for this event.

Council CEO Trevor Smart said the race was on, subject to any complications, and that the collective councils would be approaching the state government about financial support for the event.

"We had this event once, but it was called off last year," he said.

"The Victorian Government has supported the race for many years, but the South Australian Government to date hasn't contributed, so as a collective across all councils, including Glenelg Shire in Victoria, we will coordinate a proposal to SA Tourism Commission or the state government for about $40,000 to support it."

In a report, Mr Smart said it is envisaged that the Naracoorte stages of the event will be similar to 2019, although there may be some modifications as to approach and local benefit of the time trial stage from Naracoorte to Naracoorte Caves.

In 2019, Stage 1 was in the Mount Gambier Criterium, stage 2 was the Blue Lake Road Race, stage 3 was the Port MacDonnell Circuit Race, stage 4 was the Naracoorte - Lucindale Criterium, stage 5 was the Naracoorte Team Time Trial, stage 6 was the Casterton to Heywood Road Race, stage 7 was the Cape Bridgewater Road Race, and stage 8 was the Portland Criterium.

Mr Smart suggested that Council needs to provide advice to race organisers of our involvement now, rather than after adoption of 21/22 budget.

Councillor Scott McLachlan said there were issues in 2019 with locals not knowing whether they could cross the track or go to businesses and said the council needed to be "more proactive" in their communications to the public.

Mayor Erika Vickery said that information will be provided.

"We know more about the event as well, so the information to the community will be more succinct about what people can and can't do. We'd like to see people in the street."