Ideas for a cute and colourful table this Easter

Ideas for a cute and colourful table at Easter

Combining traditional motifs such as bunnies, eggs and chicks with modern touches of nature, bold colours and unique shapes is sure to create a vibrant tabletop this Easter and capture the seasonal spirit.

Villeroy & Boch has these creative decorating tips to make your Easter feast even more special.

Celebrate colour - Bring Easter spirit to the table with bright and colourful tableware. Mix and match simple white pieces with patterned plates or tinted glassware for a pop of colour. For a more festive affair, select décor that's abundant with nostalgic Easter designs to capture the imagination.

Fun for kids - Create a personal touch and get the kids involved in decorating. Allow them to hide bunnies and hanging ornaments in unexpected places, and reveal their inner artist with home-painted Easter eggs. Writing names on boiled eggs for everyone in the household makes for a thoughtful place setting.

Be abundant - Dressing the table with flowers, candles, ornaments and the scent of home-baked Easter treats are all warm and inviting touches. A floral bouquet makes for an impressive centrepiece and scattered tea lights and Easter eggs make the setting feel abundant and extra welcoming.

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FEELING FESTIVE: Top photo from Villeroy & Boch, image above from Shutterstock.

FEELING FESTIVE: Top photo from Villeroy & Boch, image above from Shutterstock.

For interior designer Anna Giannis, Easter is a beautiful and tranquil time of the year, whether you are religious or not. Anna also loves a beautifully decorated table at Easter and suggests you have a colour palette in mind and start from there. "Next, collate the essentials," she says, listing a tablecloth, napkins, plenty of small eggs, bunnies and greenery with foliage to create a focal point. "The past few years I have created a centrepiece placing different crystal vases with the different eggs and bunnies in them and one large easter bunny in the centre," she says.

Greek Easter is by far the most important celebration on the Greek calendar, and as a second generation Greek born in Australia, Anna remembers her mother attending church during Holy Week, fasting and baking. "For me the table is the focal point, adorned with colorful dyed eggs - traditionally in red but nowadays in green, blue and yellow," she says. "The table is always accompanied with many delicious sweets on beautiful trays, either in silver, ceramic or a combination."