No more strawberries to be picked at Frances, as business takes new direction

I am known as the 'strawberry lady'. That is how people introduce me. I am hoping that 'granola lady' has the same ring to it

Fodden owner Sam Frost
BIG CHANGE: Owner Sam Frost said changing the focus of the business was a very hard decision to make. Photo: File image.

BIG CHANGE: Owner Sam Frost said changing the focus of the business was a very hard decision to make. Photo: File image.

People right across the Limestone Coast would be familiar with Frances Strawberries, a business that has seen many travel to pick the fruit and have a coffee.

But the business that residents know and love has undergone as massive identity change with the shop now known as Fodden.

The name isn't the only aspect of the business to change - the whole direction of the business is different, with residents no longer able to pick strawberries.

Owner Sam Frost said the transition from Frances Strawberries to Fodden was a very hard decision to make, and focusing on granola, instead of strawberries, was tough.

"Obviously, we founded as Frances Strawberries and we were a strawberry farm, and then branched out into our café and farmgate shop," Mrs Frost said.

"That was a very very hard decision because I am known as the strawberry lady, that's how people introduce me, so I am hoping that granola lady has the same ring to it.

"Very hard decisions have had to be made, and it's okay to change direction because there's no point plugging on if something isn't working, so we have made the decision to try something new."

Despite many being upset that they will be unable to visit the business and pick strawberries, there is still a chance that it will return in the future.

"For this year, not saying that it won't be in the future, we won't be planting strawberries, so we won't have fruit for the next 12 months," Mrs Frost said.

"We have had to really step back from our business and have a look at what's working and what's not, and just trial this new set up and see what happens.

"Everyone that knows me well knows I don't like 'what ifs', and if I say I am going to give something a go, I will give it a go."

Determined to make good of this exciting venture, she admits that there is no guarantees of success, however, she is going to give it her absolute all.

With a clear vision in place, Mrs Frost is looking forward to creating granola with ingredients from local sources such as oats.

Oats will be from Bordertown-based businesses Blue Lake Milling and hemp seed oil from Good Country Hemp.