Pfizer supply to triple in boost for Australian Covid vaccine rollout

Australia's weekly supply of Pfizer vaccine is set to triple from July 19. Picture: Elesa Kurtz
Australia's weekly supply of Pfizer vaccine is set to triple from July 19. Picture: Elesa Kurtz

Australia's weekly supply of Pfizer vaccine doses is set to triple, in what Prime Minister Scott Morrison is hailing as a shot in the arm for the nation's beleaguered rollout.

Ahead of meeting of national cabinet on Friday, the federal government has announced Pfizer supplies will rise to roughly one million per week from July 19 - up from between 300,000 and 350,000 at the moment.

Australia is now expected to receive 4.5 million doses of Pfizer in August, a significant increase on the up to 3 million doses forecast in the federal government's recent vaccine supply projections.

However, Pfizer has reportedly moved to clarify that its agreement to supply Australia with 40 million doses throughout 2021 had not changed.

That means that while supplies might be arriving faster than the federal government had expected, the total number being delivered to our shores this year hasn't increased.


Mr Morrison was confident the supplies would give the troubled vaccine rollout a much needed boost.

"We really are hitting the marks we need to hit," Mr Morrison told ABC radio on Friday.

"We've done a lot of catch-up, particularly over the month of June, and that's seen us now hitting the levels we need to get this job done and have everyone offered a dose by the end of the year."

About 10 per cent of Australians aged over 16 are now fully vaccinated according to the latest daily figures.

Labor health spokesman Mark Butler seized on Pfizer's statement, claiming that it showed there was "nothing new" in Mr Morrison's vaccine supply announcement.

"When the Prime Minister is not in hiding he pops his head up to mislead the Australian people," Mr Butler said.

"It's time the Prime Minister did his job and took responsibility for his bungled vaccine rollout - and fixed it."

At Friday's meeting of national cabinet, Mr Morrison and state and territory leaders will discuss options to trial home quarantine for fully vaccinated returned overseas travellers.

Leaders are also expected to agree to mandate vaccinations for disability care workers, after the move was reportedly recommended by the nation's panel of chief health officers.

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