Australian Neville Sharp claims world's loudest burp record

It won't figure in the Olympics, but it's a world record all the same.

Since 2009 an Englishman, Paul Dunn, has held the record for the world's loudest male burp. No longer.

Stand up, Australia - all hail Neville Sharp.

The 51-year-old from Humpty Doo in the Northern Territory has snatched back that most precious of records.

Under the strict rules and guidelines of The Australian Book Of Records, Mr Sharp did his thing - and left the previous record of 109.9 decibels in his wake.

Mr Sharp's burp blasted through the ABC Studios in Darwin at a whopping 112.4 decibels.

According to one decibel comparison chart that's somewhere between a motorcycle and a loud rock concert.

Neville's older sister, Sandie Hunt, taught him how to burp when he was a six-year-old - and he has been practising ever since.

Therefore, his 45 years of preparation gave him a fair idea that it was about time for a challenge.

World record holder Neville Sharp at the ABC Studios in Darwin.

World record holder Neville Sharp at the ABC Studios in Darwin.

His wife, KP, has coached him for over 10 years, and also insisted he make an attempt.

Mr Sharp began preparing for this attempt over five years ago, and finally found the correctly calibrated equipment, fully qualified sound engineers, and a location that met all the required criteria.

Previous world record holder Mr Hunn belched out his mark at a holiday resort in the UK, back in 2009, almost a decade after first breaking the record.

Independent witnesses have provided TABOR with the necessary full video of the event.

And Neville's secret? A 600ml bottle of Coke.