5 Tips For Blending Art With Your Home Décor

5 Tips For Blending Art With Your Home Décor

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As a homeowner, you'd want to prioritise the functionality and sturdiness of your home so it'll last many years. However, this doesn't mean you can overlook the importance of aesthetics.

Particularly for interior design, it pays to have a great home décor because not only will it increase your home value, but it'll make you feel good when you see how well-put-together everything is.

One effective way to boost your interior design is to utilise art. If you're feeling perplexed about how to mix art in your home, read on. You'll get some insights on how to fill your empty walls with art, while making it work with your overall interior theme.

Whatever art you want to use, you'll turn your home into a beautiful dwelling place by following the tips below:

Plan ahead and envision where your art pieces look best

When it comes to revamping your interiors, rushing it won't do you any good. Take your time to plan out the arrangement you desire.

It's sometimes difficult to visualise how different pieces of art will look together on the wall. One tip is to create a draft or sketch-you can do this manually on paper or use application software for interior designing.

While you may already imagine what art to use in a specific corner in your home, it would be best to put that vision into writing.

Look through all your artworks and thoroughly dissect each one. You'll be able to understand where each one would fit best when you consider their patterns, design, and even meaning. For instance, abstract art pieces never fail to brighten a dull room. They can be added into empty spaces and empty walls.

If you have an art collection, review each piece. Some might be a style from centuries ago, so this will work when incorporated with your antique pieces. Your contemporary art designs will look better in the modern area of your living room or other corners of the house.

Another critical point is to consider the colour palette and geometric play of your artworks. Mix and combine your art based on these factors to places in your home that they can fit into.

A space can pop and look stunning by adding art, so check out its dimensions, details, and even frames. Some might need to be reframed so they can look better in a specific home area.

Place a large canvas or wall art by itself

Original paintings, canvas prints, and metal prints make for beautiful centrepieces, especially when they're significant. Look around your home and decide where to hang this wall art. It's common to have these large canvas prints or wall art pieces in the living room or kitchen centre.

If you're planning to revamp your kitchen as a DIY weekend project, hanging a large art décor is already one way to uplift its look instantly.

The artwork you choose should fit right into your style so that it becomes the focal point of your room, or you can select one that complements the design you've already created. However, one key point is that a large art piece should be hung by itself, becoming the focal point.

Create a gallery wall

Now, if you have more art pieces in your collection that you want to display altogether, a gallery wall is the best thing you can do.

Creating a gallery wall is a great way to showcase every facet of your personality and taste. The mix and match option can be used if you'd like to include a group of drawings and paintings from different artists.

Let your creativity work as you arrange all these art pieces, and find a rhythm where they'll all look well-placed. However, if you prefer uniformity instead of mixing and matching, you can still go for a gallery wall, like hanging the same artworks done by the same artist.

Another concept is to have a specific colour theme and hang only those with the same palette and hues.

Incorporate art pieces throughout the home

When hanging up frames, don't neglect less apparent rooms. Your home will have spaces that are less loved, so add some splash of art to make the room more alive.

You'll be surprised that these little nooks might become your favourite after you added some art pieces there. Check out your home area, and you'll discover some shelves or cabinets that can accommodate some of your art collections.

Consider lighting

Lighting shouldn't be overlooked when adding artwork. Put some lights on the wall art to highlight it. This will make them look even more stunning.

However, keep in mind to choose appropriate lighting fixtures as some kinds might overwhelm or overshadow your art piece. Check out some home lighting ideas for any room and see which one works for your art decorations.


Adding some art pieces to your home can become a transformative experience. You'll never realise how much they elevate your interiors until you see the results.

By applying the tips above, you'll be able to combine art into your home décor. It's vital not to rush the process and don't be afraid to test out which works where. Eventually, with experimentation, patience, and creativity, you'll succeed.