State Government announces program to help GPs and pharmacists vaccinate eligible school aged children

Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews has announced the continuation of a program which will see GPs and pharmacists go into schools after hours to deliver COVID-19 vaccines to eligible school-aged children.

Mr Andrews said it was a continuation of the program that ran last year.

"I'm pleased to be able to announce another $4 million of grants to GPs and community pharmacists to go into schools, after hours, so a familiar environment, a well known environment, to get our kids vaccinated, that begins very soon," he said.

"That's just a continuation, a trusted, local, well known environment, using trusted and local well known and well respected healthcare professionals, GPs and community pharmacists. They won't do that without support. It won't be efficient. They would lose money if they were to do that, so those grants help to take the care even more locally."

On Monday, about 3000 children aged between five and 11 received their first COVID vaccine, Mr Andrews said.

He said there have been 39,000 bookings made since the system opened and there are 43,000 spots available.


"We encourage parents to get online, make one of those appointments for your kids, and honour that appointment," he said.

"We do know this is challenging.

"It's yet another thing to have to deal with, it's another thing we're asking you to do."

Mr Andrews said the state would also soon open 30 pop-up clinics at schools to aide the vaccination rollout for children.

"Beyond grants, we're announcing some 30 pop-up clinics that will pop up as the name indicates, in schools, starting very soon," he said.

"We already have a number of state vax hubs as you well know, right across the state, this is about additional time limited activity in a trusted well known environment, taking the vaccination program to the local community that it will benefit most."

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